Our Staff

Hands down, the main reason the Garden is such a great place to be and visit is because of the hard work of our dedicated staff, volunteers and trustees.  Whenever you are at the Garden make sure to say hello!


Matt Larkin, Chairman
Madeline  Hooper, Vice-Chairman
Ellen Greendale, Treasurer
Janet Laudenslager, Secretary

Jeannene Booher
David Carls
Mary Copeland
Jeanine Coyne
Ian Hooper
Tom Ingersoll
Wendy Linscott
Jo Dare Mitchell
Skippy Nixon
Linda O’Connell
Martha Piper
Cynthia Valles
Mark Walker
Rob Williams



Executive Director
Michael BeckDirector of Horticulture
Dorthe Hviid

Director of Education
Elisabeth Cary

Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
Cynthia Grippaldi

Marketing and Communications Manager
Brian Cruey

Office Manager
Amy Butterworth

Head Gardener
Christine Caccamo

Senior Gardener
Duke Douillet

Seasonal Gardener
Bill Cummins

Buildings and Grounds Manager
Will Maston
Buildings and Grounds Assistant
Herb Bryant

Youth Education Coordinator
Jamie Samowitz

Youth Education Coordinator
Chris Wellens

Seasonal Gardener
Christina Miller

Seasonal Gardener
Lisa Cardillo

Gift Shop Manager
Donna Kittridge




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