Level III Certificate in Horticulture Classes (H)

This certificate requires a Level I and Level II Certificate in Horticulture and 72 classroom hours of elective courses in the area of horticulture (denoted by H).

Fall 2013 Semester

Thursdays, Sept. 19 & Sept. 26 – Oct.  17 Native Plant Selection and Identification
(Herbaceous and Woody)
Thursdays, Oct. 24 – Dec. 19 Planting Plan Design Studio $360
(Dates arranged with instructor) Level III Independent Study $185

Spring 2014 Semester

Fridays, January 17 – 31 The Business of Gardening $185
Thursdays, February 6 – 27 Permaculture $185
Mondays, March 3 – 31 Organic Vegetable Gardening $230


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