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Late Fall Sausage

Saturday, December 11, 2021 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

Berkshire Botanical Garden

This hands-on workshop takes the participants through the process of making sausage at home incorporating seasonal botanicals. Jake Levin is a Berkshire based butcher, educator and artist empowering people to connect more deeply with the food they eat. Learn the history and process of sausage making. From the right cuts to the correct ratios, to stuffing and linking, you’ll be along for every step of the process. Not only will students get a chance to participate, they will walk away with samples to enjoy at home, a set of recipes, and the frameworks needed to create their own seasonal recipes! 


Jake Levin lives in the southern Berkshires with his wife and daughter on the land where he grew up. He is a whole-animal-butcher, writer, and artist. When Jake is not working in his outdoor kitchen, he is butchering and making cured-meats at Hudson Valley Charcuterie/Raven and Boar Farm; or on the road teaching people how to slaughter, butcher and cure meats as the Roving Butcher. 

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