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Horticulture Certificate Program

The Horticulture Certificate Program is a non-credit, adult enrichment program designed for the professional, aspiring professional or serious home gardener. Students can choose to either take classes towards receiving a certificate, or audit individual classes of interest. Staffed by seasoned and practicing horticulturists and landscape designers, these in-depth classes provide a strong foundation for all horticultural pursuits—whether one is exploring or advancing career goals or simply acquiring or expanding their knowledge, skills and enjoyment of gardening. Classes include lectures, hands-on workshops and field trips. Download a brochure here.This popular horticultural education program is held in Stockbridge, Mass., at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. Courses meet on weekday evenings, with an occasional Saturday workshop. The program is designed to meet the needs of all people interested in gardening, regardless of their level of knowledge. Students who enroll in Advanced Certificate courses are expected to have basic gardening knowledge.

The program is comprised of two levels of instruction: Level I Certificate in Horticulture & Advanced Certificate in Horticulture and Design.

For current students, here are the resources you'll need.

Horticulture Certificate Program FAQs:

Q: Is there homework?

A: Yes, each class has a required assignment. These assignments are designed to enrich your learning and graded on a pass/fail basis. Each assignment is due by the end of each course.

Q: What happens if I cannot participate in a class because of my schedule?

A: All Level 1 Horticulture Certificate classes are offered each year. If you cannot take a class for whatever reason you are able to enroll the following year.

Q: Can I take classes out of order? Or a few at a time?

A: Yes, however, please note that due to current restrictions on class size, priority registration will be given to students enrolled in the year-long program

Q: What is the cost of the program?

A: The cost of the program varies. BBG members receive a reduced rate. You have the option of paying by class, by semester, or for an entire year.  Participants who pay by semester receive a 5% discount, students who pay by the year receive a 10% discount.

Q: Is there financial aid?

A: Yes! For more information on how to apply, email BBG Director of Education Jennifer Patton,

Horticulture Certificate Program Policies & Procedures

Congratulations to our Level I 2024 graduates!

Carolyn Guenther King

Thaddeus Thompson

Christian Branley

Britney Danials

Marla Tolz

Gretchen Winterkorn

Matthew Acciani

Fred Perkins

Paul Madore

Marina Beyeva 

Noah LaPointe

Elisabeth Bellows

Pia Whyte

Julie Levy

Hannah Moran

Sam Treelawny-Cassity

Victoria Martins

Here is what some of our past students have to say about the program:

“The BBG has given me the classroom and volunteering opportunities to rigorously pursue gardening in a professional and structured way. The Horticulture Certificate Program provides the fertilizer for my brain, and the Garden is an excellent lab! The two go hand in hand.”
Eric Federer, Volunteer, Berkshire Botanical Garden

“I knew it was time to lead the life I loved—to commit to deepening my understanding and love for plants.”
Scott Harrington, Owner, Scott Harrington Landscape Services

“The BBG Horticulture Certificate Program brought me a long way in my career as a horticulturist and garden designer. I’ve been through all three levels and would happily go again. The education department at the Garden is always growing, offering learning opportunities for anyone passionate about the earth.”
Jenna O’Brien, Owner, Viridissima Horticulture and Design

“I have worked in fine arts for many years and studied interior design. When I started thinking about what I wanted to do beyond my full-time job, landscape design and working outside was what drew my interest. Berkshire Botanical Garden’s certificate program has given me the opportunity to find a way in my busy schedule to realize this dream. I am slowly building my business armed with rich experiences and lasting friendships.”
Robin Mooring, Studio Manager at Cristina Studio

“The most unexpected aspect would have to be the great camaraderie that was forged between all of us taking the classes together. Everyone was so willing to share their knowledge, experiences and trade secrets. The variety of courses and the professionalism and enthusiasm of the professors was such a positive aspect of the program.”
Jeannie Xanthos, Assistant Manager, Beardsley Gardens



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