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July 30, 2021 10 p.m. to Sept. 6, 2021 8 p.m.

See a gallery album from REVOLUTION here. 

New York-based artist Marc Dennis, known for his hyper-realistic and strikingly detailed paintings, presents a collection of fourteen paintings in oil-on-canvas and watercolor, many of which were created expressly for this show. Says Dennis of his work, “I’ve always been fascinated by my own silence while spending time in the woods. As a painter I create a kind of silence as well. My paintings are filled with exuberance, color, shape, form, beauty, mystery, often a sense of narrative and almost always an explosiveness, yet they remain silent. My work for the exhibition REVOLUTION was inspired by my admiration, intrigue and interest in the natural world and my own silence within that world. My artistic intention for this body of work is to communicate beauty as a series of experiences – each painting providing a place for contemplation, journey and exploration...I create hyper-realistic paintings that celebrate beauty as a kind of tension between the classical and the contemporary based on my experiences in nature. Artistic intention is often derived from exploring the charged subjects of perception, memory and pleasure with paintings that strike the eye and seduce the mind. I paint in order to convey my love for life. It’s that simple.” Dennis is represented by Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles CA, and Palm Beach, FL.

The Leonhardt Galleries are open free with Garden admission daily, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 




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