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Farm and Garden School Programs


Visits to BBG

Explanation of cost

Chaperones: 1 adult for every 10 students should accompany groups, anyone in addition to this will be required to pay $10 per person.

Price per child: $10, in addition to a $50 fee per groups of 20 students, with additional fees in increments of 10 (cost of the educator). 

Group size: up to 40

Additional fee per Garden Guide:
21 to 30 people/two tour guides: $100
30 to 40 people/three tour guides: $150

50% deposit due within 14 days of scheduling. Cancellations made more than a week prior will get a full refund.

Groups are welcome to bring a bagged picnic lunch to the garden and eat on grounds before or after program. Please note that there are no indoor dining facilities at BBG.

We ask that groups please wear appropriate clothing for outdoor learning. In the event of severe weather, groups will have the option to reschedule their program.



Senses in the Garden

Take a tour of the garden using all five senses. Students will experience the sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes of materials found in the garden, and practice descriptive language and communication skills. 

Seed Study

Explore the life cycle of a plant through story and observation, with particular attention to seeds and their dispersal. After learning about the necessities of plant life, each student will construct a germination chamber and start an observation journal to take home and record the growth of their own seedling.

Soil Recipe

Students will make a soil recipe and plant their own seedling. Students will feel different components of the soil recipe (sphagnum, compost, vermiculite, sand) and learn what each does. Students will compare absorbency and density between soil components.