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Herb Associates

Herb Associates

The Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Herb Associates began in 1957 when three women who loved and grew herbs — Gertrude Burdsall, Emily Rose, and Amy Bess-Miller — decided to make and sell herbal products to benefit the Garden.

“Bachelor’s Button”, “cornflower”, Feverfew, “Rose Petal Jelly”

“Bachelor’s Button” and other plants sure are putting on a flowery show. Plus, the Kitchen Crew prepares a batch of “Rose Petal Jelly.”

Roses, roses, roses! Plus, a useful addition to seasonal bouquets. What's happening in the medicinal bed? Also, stop by the Gift Shop found in the Visitor Center to check out all the offerings made by the Herb Associates.

Images from this Tuesday's gardening and kitchen projects of the Herb Associates.

What beautiful weather to visit the Herb Display Gardens. Many purple-blossomed herbs are blooming, including two of this week’s featured herbs — caraway thyme (Thymus herba-barona) and common sage (Salvia officinalis). Plus, more herbs have been harvested and more products are underway.

Come visit Sweet Cicely and Lovage. And here are ways you can use these lovely herbs.

Herbs of the week: Bigroot Cranesbill, Lady’s Mantle and Orris Root (from Irises). And in the kitchens, the chive harvest continues!

Herbs of the week: Bigroot Cranesbill, Lady’s Mantle and Orris Root (from Irises). And in the kitchens, the chive harvest continues!

Members of the Herb Associates on Roy Boutard Day, May 5, which featured the club's signature “Mai Bowle,” an herbal punch.

The Herb Associates, the first defined group of volunteers at the Garden, share their first dispatch of the season!

A seed packet display shows the many choices that herb lovers have.

Enough with winter’s gray days and cold temperatures — let’s bring on some visions of sunshine and growing gardens! While many of us enjoy perusing the garden catalogs that fill our mailboxes with inspiration for perennials, vegetables, shrubs or trees, we may have overlooked information about herbs.

The Herb Associates are a group to be remembered for their decades of work and their courage to carry on tending the beautiful herb gardens, thereby supporting the Berkshire Botanical Garden through the work of our hearts and hands.

Got a headache? This herb is for you. Also, we're stocking the shelves for the Harvest Festival!

Learn more about the "jewel among vegetables," and check out the Herb Associates herbal tea line, now available in the Gift Shop!

Let's talk about the “king of aroma as well as flavor.” (That would be basil.) Let's also talk about the new product that our taste testers have given the thumbs up on. (That would be the new BBG BBQ Sauce, available now in our Gift Shop.)

How to use this "venerable, forgotten herb." Plus, what's the Herb Associates Kitchen Team up to?

With striking, sky-blue flowers and leaves covered with stiff hair, the plant is unmistakable — and useful. Also, what is the Herb Associates Kitchen Team up to these days?

A member of the mint family, hardy to zone 4, this low maintenance perennial perhaps is not a familiar herb for many gardeners. Also, what's the Herb Associates Kitchen Team up to?

What's happening this week in the Herb Garden and kitchen? Bay watch! And we're stocking the Gift Shop shelves with fresh culinary delights.

At the height of summer — fresh simple syrups, some things for salad lovers, and our herb of the week comes from the mint family.

Lore has it that calendula’s beauty inspired many poems, so the English gave it the name “poet marigold,” which was shortened to “pot marigold” over time.

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