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Greenhouse ceiling with green plants on either side.

Led by Bill Florek, this course, offered Saturdays, Feb. 24 to March 16, from 9 a.m. to noon, will focus on the fine points of controlling the greenhouse environment.

This class, held Wednesdays from March 6 through 27, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., will cover practical aspects of gardening in containers with style throughout the New England garden season.

Our Fitzpatrick Greenhouse is a welcoming harbinger of spring from now through March 17, for the Garden’s annual exhibition of springtime flowering bulbs.


Embedded thumbnail for Ashes to Ashes, and the Tenacity of Life

BBG Trustee, instructor, arborist, and all-around good guy Tom Ingersoll shares a wondrous little "sideshow" during a recent walk.

Embedded thumbnail for In Praise of Wood Chips

BBG Trustee, arborist and educator Tom Ingersoll digs into one of the more nutritional meals your plants could ever know.

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Berkshire Trustee, arborist and educator Tom Ingersoll takes us on a walk through the fluffy stuff — and gives a quick lesson on nitrogen, soil health and wintering critters.


The opening reception for “Musings on Nature” on Feb. 9.

Berkshire Botanical Garden's 2024 Art/Garden series opened with “Musings on Nature” from Feb. 9-25, in our Leonhardt Galleries featuring work by the Guild of Berkshire Artists.

It's crop-starting time! Herbs, too! Also, pay mind to broken branches. Make plans for a butterfly garden. Let's talk repellents, deer and potted miniature roses.

A painting by CATA artist Rory Adams’ “Happy” (2023), acrylic on canvas. 

A collection of paintings, drawings, photographs, and collages inspired by nature, created by artists with disabilities will be on display in our Leonhardt Galleries from March 1-24. 

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