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'Shimmer,' curated by Sue Muskat and Phil Knoll, brings light to dark times

April 1, 2022 9 p.m. to May 1, 2022 7 p.m.

Center House, Leonhardt Galleries

We are pleased to present Shimmer, on display April 1 through May 1. The exhibition, curated by Sue Muskat and Phil Knoll, brings together 38 artists whose drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures are ignited by paying attention, by being present and making a record, chronicling the condition of life. 

Admission is free.

“We’ve been living through a dark time of anxiety, disagreeing, division, and a pandemic,” says Muskat. “But we’re drawn to the light. There’s always light and hope, and that’s the genesis for the title of this exhibition.”

What the artworks share is a sense of storytelling. Each artist adds a singular voice that initiates a compelling conversation with the viewer. 

In “Shimmer,” the artists’ specific and carefully considered perspectives will invite, and at times challenge, the visitor to delve deeply into the idea of light in the darkness. Even when difficult to detect, “shimmer is always present and always beautiful, as these artists will attest,” says Muskat.

Hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11-3 p.m.

Read about Shimmer in The Berkshire Eagle.

Contributing Artists:

Stephanie Anderson, Jim Butler, Leslie Carmin, JoAnne Carson, Mary Chatham, Katherine Dykman, Art Evans, Ashley Garrett, Michael Glier, Guzman, Daniel Herwitt, Jennifer Hunold, Lisa Kernan, Sabrina Marques, Amanda Marie Mason, Donna Moylan, Laini Nemett, Kathy Osborn, Ellen Letcher, Katia Santibanez, Michael St. John, Tara Tucker, Ricky of Luna Parc, Caitlin MacBride, Noah Post, Kay Rosen, Jo Ann Secor, Karin Schaefer, Cary Smith, Audrey Stone, Austin Thomas, Julie Torres, Caleb Weintraub, Thomas Whitridge, Ann Wolf, Eric Wolf, Geoffrey Young, and Chris Zitelli

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