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DIY Autumn Herbal Spa Day

Nov. 5, 2022 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Berkshire Botanical Garden Center House

Treat yourself to a beautiful afternoon of fun and pampering! Relax, meet new friends, and discover the world of herbal skin care. We will go through a full facial routine using natural, handcrafted skincare products to rejuvenate and restore skin, body and mind. You are invited to take some time for self-care and learn how to make your own herbal spa products! In this workshop, you will learn all about different exfoliants, serums, carrier oils, and essential oils that focus to support skin health for your individual needs. Each participant will make (and take home) a nutritive facial oil and exfoliating sugar scrub.In class we will go through a simple, yet invigorating facial routine with a gentle cleanser and purifying facial steam. We will address impurities with a spot treatment and restore skin by providing deep hydration with a facial serum and nourish with a facial oil. You will leave glowing and refreshed! Herbal tea and infused refreshing water included.


Nicole Irene holds a master’s degree in fine art and two herbal certifications from Dandelion Herbal Center and Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary and is a Reiki-trained ordained minister. Nicole has a love for local farms and sustainable, organic agriculture. She enjoys cooking nourishing meals, experimenting with her own herbal preparations and painting at her home in Stockbridge. Nicole has a deep passion for helping to grow the relationships we hold with our food, Mother Earth, and the cosmos.Learn more about Nicole Irene at and

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