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New Moon Botanical Bounty: Creating + Using Herbal Infused Oils

May 4, 2024 Midnight

Berkshire Botanical Garden

Delight in a Spring Bloom inspired Tea while making Lip Balms, Skin Salves, and Roll-on Perfume/Bug Repellent energized by the Flower Moon on Saturday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Discover the art of creating exquisite, high-quality herbal infused oils in a beautiful garden setting! Infused oils are the foundational skill for creating herbal products.

Join herbalist Nicole Irene for an immersive and hands-on workshop that will take you on a sensory journey through the herb garden, where you'll intimately connect with the plants that hold the secrets to natural healing.

In this beginner-friendly class, you will be guided through the process of harvesting your own herbs to ensure optimal potency and fragrance. You'll learn the precise techniques and principles to extract the healing properties of the herbs and infuse them into nourishing oils.

Watch as the herbs gracefully dance with the oil, imparting their essence and transforming it into a potent elixir that supports the nervous system, rejuvenates the skin, and perfumes the air. Craft your very own herbal oil, whether you seek relaxation, revitalization, or radiant skin, this workshop empowers you to harness the healing potential of nature.

To ensure your continued journey, each participant will make and take home a lip balm, salve, infused oil, mason jar of herbs, and handout with basic instructions. These aromatic treasures will serve as a reminder of your enchanting experience and the mason jar of herbs can be used to infuse future batches of oil.

No matter your level of knowledge or experience, this workshop welcomes all enthusiasts who share a passion for the power of plants. Join Nicole Irene as together we unlock the transformative world of herbal infused oils and empower ourselves with the tools to enhance well-being, one dropperful at a time.

Nicole Irene holds a master’s degree in fine art, two herbal certifications from Dandelion Herbal Center and Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary, and is a Reiki-trained ordained minister. Nicole has a love for local farms and sustainable, organic agriculture and enjoys cooking nourishing meals and experimenting with her own herbal preparations at her home in Stockbridge. Learn more about Nicole Irene at and


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