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Galina and Roman: Fete Performers 2024

 We are so grateful and excited to welcome Galina and Roman to perform at our Fete des Fleurs 2024.

Galina was born in Tomsk, Siberia in Russia and started dancing at the age of 5. She is trained in ballet and folk dancing but ballroom dancing was always her main focus. She moved to NYC in 2006. Roman is from the more European side of Russia, Kalingrad, and started to dance at the age of eleven. Having won multiple tournaments and championships throughout Russia and Europe, he decided to move to the US in 2011 for the opportunity to become a professional dancer in Orlando, Florida. One of the most precious gifts of moving to the US, was their discovery of American Smooth Style of Ballroom Dancing which they both fell in love with long before meeting each other. With their full dedication to American Smooth, it was only a matter of time before they shared their passion as dance partners. Their partnership began in 2017. They strive to continue to use their artistic vision to develop their beloved dance style in a way that allows the freedom of emotional and creative expression. They have both been 3 time US National and World Champions in American Smooth. As Professional Grand Slam Tour 2023 Champions, they made American Smooth Style a winner over International Standard, International Latin, and American Rhythm divisions for the first time in ballroom history. 

Watch them perform here.

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