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The Shape of Color: Selected Works from Cynthia Wick

The Shape of Color: Selected Works from Cynthia Wick

Berkshire Botanical Garden presented Cynthia Wick's "The Shape of Color" from Oct. 19 through Dec. 2, 2019, in the Center House Leonhardt Galleries. 

When Cynthia Wick moved to the Berkshires from Los Angeles in 2009, she brought the luminous California color and light with her. In CYNTHIA WICK / THE SHAPE OF COLOR, she synthesizes both worlds she loves into abstracted landscapes and bouquets. Her paintings are an inventive mixture of oil, acrylic and painted paper collage. Ms. Wick paints from life, from the beauty around her, and from memory. She works loosely and intuitively in the beginning of each picture, then slowly adds multiple layers of paint and collage.

“My way into a painting is always color first," she said. "Color is everything to me and I continue to find surprising combinations of color and shape by combining paint and collage. It is so thrilling.”

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