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Spring Bounty: Violets!

Spring Bounty: Violets!

The Herb Associates have taken advantage of nature’s gifts; in our cool Berkshires' climate, common violets thrive. The purple blossoms are everywhere, but the less common blue ones and white ones can also be used in various preparations. The flowers are edible and have a delicate, sweet and sometimes peppery flavor, and their colors add a dash of interest to salads or desserts.

This week, the kitchen crew prepared violet simple syrup, which can be added to drinks of all kinds — lemonade, club soda or your favorite cocktail.

In addition, the kitchen crew made violet petal jelly, which marks the first in a long line of this year’s seasonal jellies and preserves to be produced by the Herb Associates. Scones, or a hearty cheese with crackers, would accompany this jelly nicely.

Marcia Brolli, Herb Associates coordinator, reflected on the work of the group. “What we can make depends on the season, and what’s available to us. The supply of ingredients for our products is limited, so once the items are sold, that’s it for the year. We are ‘in tune’ with the Berkshires — the weather, the growing conditions. Visitors to the Garden can take home something that truly represents the bounty of our area.”

All Herb Associates’ products are for sale at the Garden’s Gift Shop. Stop by and check it out on your next visit!

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