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Trustees & Staff

Hands down, the main reason the Garden is such a great place to be and visit is because of the hard work of our dedicated staff, volunteers and trustees. Whenever you are at the Garden make sure to say hello!


Matt Larkin, Chair
Madeline  Hooper, Vice-Chair
Rob Williams, Treasurer
Janet Laudenslager, Secretary
David Carls
Mary Copeland
Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo
Adaline Frelinghuysen
Lauretta Harris
Ian Hooper
Tom Ingersoll
Daniel Kasper
Wendy Philbrick
Martha Piper
Ramelle Pulitzer
John Spellman
Mark Walker
Rob Williams
KK Zutter


Executive Director
Michael Beck
413 320-4772

Director of Horticulture
Dorthe Hviid
413 298-4505

Director of Education
Chris Wellens
413 357-4657

Membership and Volunteer Manager
Cynthia Grippaldi
413 354-8408

Director of Marketing Communications
Robin Parow
413 320-4795

Office Manager
Elizabeth Veraldi
413 320-4794

Senior Gardener
Christine Caccamo
413 298-4532

Senior Gardener
Duke Douillet
413 298-4532

Deborah Helmke
413 298-4532

Buildings and Grounds Manager
Chris Kupernik
413 931-3207

Camp Director
Alex Fylypovych
413 931-3194

Education Coordinator
Bridgette Stone
413 354-8410


Something new is always coming up at the Garden!

Open Daily 9AM to 5PM

May 1st through Columbus Day
Here in beautiful Stockbridge, MA

Under 12

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