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Unborn Sun: The Paintings of John Gordon Gauld

Unborn Sun: The Paintings of John Gordon Gauld

A New York City-based artist, John Gordon Gauld presented "Unborn Sun" from Dec. 14, 2019, through Feb. 8, 2020. His compositions depict assemblages that seem unintentional at first. But with sustained attention, they reveal a myriad of calculated, symbolic associations. Gauld incorporates water gilding into his work, a labor-intensive process requiring many steps to achieve the desired effect, and for many of his works, the he employs rare, historic pigments—cinnabar, lapis lazuli, malachite, and madder root, to name a few. In combination, these pigments produce a unique visual experience that beckons time-honored, firsthand observation as he references an artistic timeline spanning more than four thousand years.

"My painting practice is founded on technique and allegory," he said. "I am connected to the past through the rituals of the old masters and to the present through an investigation of life's contemporary issues."

Hear an interview with John Gordon Gauld that aired Jan. 17, 2020, on the National Public Radio affiliate WAMC.

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