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The Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Herb Associates began in 1957 when three women who loved and grew herbs — Gertrude Burdsall, Emily Rose, and Amy Bess-Miller — decided to make and sell herbal products to benefit the Garden.

What’s remarkable about pawpaws, is that even though they are members of a tropical plant family, they are natives of eastern North America, growing wild as far north as southern Ontario and as far west as southeastern Nebraska and eastern Texas.

As our society becomes increasingly urban, how do you share a love of gardening with your child when you have no access to the soil? Jean Devine has been working on a response to that dilemma.

Nancy Lawson's new book Wildscape is sure to inspire any gardener to experience their own plot with a far greater richness. It brings an understanding that inviting wildlife into your landscape is rewarding not only for these new residents but also for you. I think it’s a must-read.

Hotter, longer summers are increasingly posing challenges to reliable crops. It's time to think about other options for our Northeast growing season and collard greens are a great place to start.

It might be getting colder, but there's still a lot to do! Frost alerts, mowing tips and bulb planters.

Got a headache? This herb is for you. Also, we're stocking the shelves for the Harvest Festival!

It’s so much fun to be part of the Harvest Festival team, and we have lots of ways you can help. (And there are plenty of perks.)

With autumn arriving this week, it’s time to think about spring.

Learn more about the "jewel among vegetables," and check out the Herb Associates herbal tea line, now available in the Gift Shop!

It has been many years since, as a gardener, I lost my hostility toward insects.

Let's talk about the “king of aroma as well as flavor.” (That would be basil.) Let's also talk about the new product that our taste testers have given the thumbs up on. (That would be the new BBG BBQ Sauce, available now in our Gift Shop.)

Say yes to mums. Sketch your veggie garden (really). There's still sowing to be done. Stay alert to frosts. And more tips and tricks from Ron Kujawski.

On Oct. 7 and 8, the 24-acre Garden undergoes a remarkable transformation into a vibrant hub for the celebration of community, the natural world and our agricultural heritage.

Before he removed the “CLOSED” sign, before he helped welcome the crowds, Eric Ruquist stood in the middle of a field of wildflowers at Berkshire Botanical Garden and acknowledged he had a case of the jitters.

How to use this "venerable, forgotten herb." Plus, what's the Herb Associates Kitchen Team up to?

From picking spring-flowering bulbs, to handpicking hornworms, to managing your cabbage harvest, Ron's weekly tips and tricks will get your garden ready for the Fall.

Recently, I’ve learned about the plight of the New England Cottontail, a species once abundant in the northeastern United States but now endangered throughout its former range.

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