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Botanical Dyeing Intensive

June 10, 2023 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Berkshire Botanical Garden

This craft-and-carry class is designed to walk students through the process of natural dyeing. In this workshop, we will discuss preparing your fibers for natural dyeing, perform color extraction baths with food waste, local season plants or flowers, and a natural dye extract as well as pH shift lesson and color modifier discussion. We will use communal dye baths to create fabric swatches, cotton market tote and a silk scarf for students to take home with them. Watch as goldenrod flowers create a sunshine hue, blueberries create a brilliant purple and onion skins create a moody olive. Plus, everyone will receive Maggie’s Natural Dyeing E-Course ($50 value) so they can dye at home. Led by Maggie Pate. 

Maggie Pate is the designer and purveyor of Nåde. She began her career in fashion modeling internationally then retired to work for a label in New York City. Her work in textiles is a cross-section that explores the synthesis of textures, repetition and geometry. It forms a poetic visual language that ignites the potential of figurative rhythm — a visual synesthesia where shapes, colors and mood transform into a kaleidoscopic canvas. The last few years, her focus has shifted to cultivating a 100 percent sustainable and eco-friendly studio by capturing color with predominantly food waste collected from local restaurants and farms.

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