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Botanical Wellness: Fire Cider Make + Take

March 19, 2022 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Berkshire Botanical Garden

Postponed due to snow. New date 3/19. Come see how fun and easy herbology can be with this introductory herbal extraction workshop. Fire Cider is a beloved traditional herbal folk remedy that is gaining mainstream notoriety. Known for its immune-and-digestion boosting effects, this savory DIY infusion is made with wholesome ingredients and steeped over time, creating a bright and spicy tonic used to invigorate one's whole being. Simple to make, fire cider warms body and soul while adding a healthful ritual to one’s repertoire. Learn how everyday food and culinary herbs, when chosen and prepared wisely, can help us improve our wellbeing. Leave this class revitalized with a recipe and jar of finished fire cider to take home. Providing this homebrew with steeping time allows the medicinal properties of the ingredients to be extracted into the vinegar. You will learn about the medicinal qualities of the plants within the formula, the history of Fire Cider, a basic herbal extraction lesson, the importance of traditional foods and remedies, recipes, and ideas on how to incorporate this tonic in your home. The ingredient list is flexible, so learn the process and then make your own recipe at home omitting  or adding ingredients as you like. Come prepared to chop ingredients and get a little messy!

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