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Botanically-Infused Spring Craft Cocktails 3

May 21, 2020 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Online Class

Join Billy Jack Paul for this one-hour online class, as he teams up with BBG and Berkshire Mountain Distillers to guide you through creating seasonal and classic craft cocktails. Students will be sent an ingredient list prior to class so they can create alongside Billy. Explore harnessing the flavors of the season and botanicals to create inspired and delicious drinks. Learn techniques to make them at home for yourself or your friends. Billy will provide instruction and take questions from students. A unique opportunity to learn from one of the Berkshires' best and most creative cocktail artists! Interested in signing up for all three classes? Choose the Spring Craft Cocktail series option.

Sponsored by Berkshire Mountain Distillers

Our online classes are offered over Zoom. Students receive class login information and materials lists, when applicable, once registered. 

Advance registration is highly recommended.

Billy Jack Paul is a Berkshire native who has been bartending for 19 years all over Berkshire County and North Carolina, as well as some guest appearances in Boston, NYC, and Oaxaca, México. He is the bartender/owner of MoonCloud in Great Barrington, MA. With a great passion for the true roots of the industry, Billy Jack has studied the history and geography, as well as the botanical and medicinal origins, of spirits and cocktails.  In addition to sharing the great stories of classic cocktails, he enjoys telling many of his own stories through dynamic themes and historical and/or literary references that act as “characters” in any given drink. “A cocktail is worth a thousand words,” he says, as he develops flavors and layers within each sip.

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