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Farm-to-Table Lunch Series

May 12, 2024 Midnight to Sept. 15, 2024 Midnight

Berkshire Botanical Garden

Join chef and author Miriam Rubin for this Farm-to-Table cooking class series. In this once-a-month series, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., participants will work with the BBG’s vegetable garden to harvest fresh vegetables, then will head into the kitchen with Miriam to make a multi-course meal. The first in the series was held on May 12. Next up:

June 9: 

June brings us beets, sweet peas, greens, garlic scapes, green garlic and sweet strawberries. We’ll quickly pickle some beets for a salad. Planned is a casserole or savory pie or an easy hand pie with Swiss chard, green garlic and feta. Strawberries will star in our dessert. Sign up here.

July 14: 

Celebrate cucumbers, fresh onions, zucchini, summer squash, and beans, such as Dragon’s Tongue and Amethyst. We’ll whip up a refreshing cold soup with summer squash and herbs, and make dilly beans or another easy refrigerator pickle. For the main event, chicken salad with a snappy herb dressing and gorgeous pink celery, a special treat from the Garden. A blueberry galette for dessert, perhaps with sour cherries. Sign up here.

August 11

August brings plentiful bounty including new garlic, tomatoes, and light purple Fairytale eggplant. Plans include a roasted eggplant dish and a tomato bread salad with creamy mozzarella and tons of basil. We’ll make our dessert from summer’s sweet peaches or plums. Sign up here.

September 15: 

With September comes corn, sweet and hot peppers, late lettuce, zucchini, butterscotch butternut squash, shelly beans, Christmas Limas and the first tart apples. We’ll make a soup or maybe a casserole with corn, a pasta and a late-season greens salad. Dessert will most likely be an apple tart. Sign up here.


Miriam Rubin was the first woman to work in the kitchens of New York City’s famed Four Seasons Restaurant. A food writer, avid gardener and tomato grower, she wrote a cookbook about tomatoes, her favorite vegetable (really a fruit). For many years she wrote the “Miriam’s Garden” column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A contributor to Edible Berkshires, her work has appeared in many other publications including Organic Gardening. She and her husband, the artist David J. Lesako, live in Ghent, N.Y. 

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