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Herbal Holiday Gift Workshop

Dec. 17, 2022 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Berkshire Botanical Garden Center House


Making a gift for someone is an opportunity for you to create something unique and beautiful, something truly useful and practical, and express love from your heart for that special person.

The Herbal Holiday Gifts Workshop is an opportunity to make rich and diverse herbal gifts for the holidays, or other occasions, feel connected with the gift giving process, and nourish another person by crafting something special for them from the Earth.You are offering your loved one the opportunity to dip into that vibrant, natural health by givingthem a handmade herbal gift that will support their well-being. These gifts are so much more special than what you can find in a store. They are novel, enticing, fresh, and low-cost once you have the skills.


Nicole Irene holds a master’s degree in fine art and two herbal certifications from Dandelion Herbal Center and Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary. She is a Reiki-trained ordained minister and has a love for local farms and sustainable, organic agriculture. She enjoys cooking nourishing meals and experimenting with her own herbal preparations at her home in Stockbridge. She has a deep passion for helping to grow the relationships we hold with our food, Mother Earth and the cosmos. Learn more about Nicole Irene at and

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