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Leave the Leaves!

Oct. 5, 2022 11 p.m. to Oct. 6, 2022 Midnight


As the growing season comes to an end in New England, gardeners and homeowners race to "clean up" fallen leaves and dying-back plants from their gardens and lawns. But all those things that humans have been taught to see as  "debris" are, in fact, an important part of nature's cycle of life. Fallen leaves and retreating plants provide critical safe harbor, nesting places and even nutrients for our native pollinators, insects, birds and other wildlife.

This talk will focus on those butterflies, moths, and bees who quietly overwinter in our gardens and what we need to do to support them - while still keeping our gardens & properties aesthetically pleasing. We'll finish by talking about things that can still be planted in early October to support next Spring's early emerging pollinators.

Larri Cochran offers consulting & design services for sustainable gardens and habitats which support pollinators, other native animal species and native plants. She teaches design workshops throughout the region and designs/manages habitats for clients in both urban and rural settings. She has a certificate in horticulture from Berkshire Botanical Garden, is a Landscape for Life Trainer,  co-directs the Northampton Community Garden and is currently co-president of the Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association.

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