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Maximizing Space in the Garden: Creating More of a Good Thing

Sunday, February 28, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Online Class

This lecture will share how layering a garden works to serve our needs as well as the needs of pollinators and other creatures. Whether gardening in a close-knit neighborhood or a sprawling estate, learn to garden efficiently, prolifically, sustainably and beautifully while making smart choices and conserving resources. This lecture by Tovah Martin will share innovative ideas, addressing all of the points on a gardener’s checklist. Layering a garden maximizes space and creates hardworking habitats. In her garden, called Furthermore, Tovah creates layers everywhere, including the perennial, berry and vegetable gardens. The result is visually fulfilling, low maintenance, and mulch-eliminating. 

Tovah Martin is an author and lifelong advocate for houseplants and indoor gardening. In her constant, undying pursuit of all things garden-related, Tovah gets her hands dirty both outside and indoors. She is a perennial, heirloom, vegetable and cottage gardener of fanatical proportions and is accredited with NOFA as an Organic Land Care Professional. Beyond the garden outdoors, Tovah’s areas of specialty also include decades of experience with houseplants (she grows over 200 in her home). She is the author of more than a dozen titles, including Tasha Tudor’s Garden (Houghton Mifflin 1994), The Indestructible Houseplant (Timber Press 2015), The Unexpected Houseplant (Timber Press 2012) and The New Terrarium (Clarkson Potter/Publishers 2009) and Gold Medal award-winning, The Garden in Every Sense and Season (Timber Press 2018).

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