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Program Calendar

December 2023

Saturday, Dec 16
Does this sound familiar? You’re headed out for a day of cordwood cutting and you pull out your chainsaw, bar oil, fuel, and tools. You get set up at your work site and begin to start your saw  and it won’t start. Or your saw starts but begins to smoke....

January 2024

Saturday, Jan 6 to Sunday, Jan 7
Find out about the art and science of plant propagation from Broken Arrow Nursery’s Container Production & Horticulture Manager, Adam Wheeler, who will focus on the basic botany needed to understand and successfully propagate plants all day Jan. 6 and...

January 2024 to February 2024

Tuesday, Jan 16 to Tuesday, Feb 20
Learn about the maintenance considerations that should be integrated into the garden design process in this ONLINE class from Jan. 16 through Feb. 20. Students’ horticultural knowledge will expand to factor sustainable maintenance concerns and cost-...

March 2024 to April 2024

Tuesday, Mar 12 to Tuesday, Apr 16
This course, offered on Tuesdays from March 21 to April 16 and presented by Tyler Horsley, will introduce students to the design process — the systematic way designers approach a site and client. The course will include a series of simple projects that...


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