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Pollinator Paradise

April 27, 2024 Midnight

Berkshire Botanical Garden

“Bee-friendly” backyards support lots of pollinators and beneficial insects, which make gardens more beautiful. Master Gardener Chris Ferrero will discuss important pollinators and their needs and habits in a garden on Saturday, April 27, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Participants will discover ways to adapt home landscapes to attract and sustain pollinators with a wide diversity of flowering plants for home gardens, as well as learn about the importance of native plants and the role of “nativars.”

Chris Ferrero is a Cornell Master Gardener, a gardening speaker, a writer, and a consultant. In addition to speaking and teaching classes, she has led demonstration garden renovations, organized regional events and served on teams as a perennials specialist known for particular expertise in shade gardening, flowering shrubs, pollinator-approved planting designs, and native plants as alternatives to invasives.

Orange dahlia with a bee pollinating.

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