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QiGong for a Healthy Brain

Sept. 30, 2023 Midnight

Berkshire Botanical Garden

Enjoy the ancient Chinese mind-body practice of QiGong (life energy optimization) in the beautiful Berkshire Botanical Garden on Sept. 30, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. QiGong, a simpler form of Tai Chi, combines gentle movements that mimic nature, self-applied massage, breathwork, and meditation with the goal of improving and maintaining our health and well-being. This self-care practice has been found to relieve stress, calm the mind, and may help reduce pain, improve mobility, balance, posture, strength, immunity and sleep.

Jamie Greene, PhD, is a graduate of the Institute of Integral QiGong and Tai Chi. She holds a certificate from the Cornell T. Colin Campbell Center Plant-Based Nutrition Program. Jamie is a former clinical researcher who discovered the power of Qigong to heal from within. She finds great joy in sharing the multitude of benefits for the mind, body and spirit of this moving meditation practice with others. Wear comfortable shoes or bring a mat and practice barefoot. Bring a chair/stool if you prefer to practice seated. Beginners welcome.

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