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Robin Hill and Good Dogs Farm Day Trip

June 11, 2024 Midnight


Hop on the BBG bus, or make your own way, down to Norfolk, Conn. on Tuesday, June 11, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. where you will receive a tour by head gardener James McGrath of the beautiful Robin Hill. Discover the 20-plus acres of Robin Hill’s landscape, designed by British landscape designer Dan Pearson. Enjoy the meandering braided paths throughout the garden, surrounded by 6000 acres of nature preserve, as well as a meadow sprinkled with native plants, such as fragrant lavender-hued bergamot and the pale joe-pye weed.

Next stop will be the Southfield Store for you to purchase your lunch, and on to Good Dogs Farm in Ashley Falls, Mass. for a tour with the owner, Maria Nation.

In contrast to Robin Hill's professionally designed landscape that focuses on naturalistic perennials, Good Dogs Farm is not a “landscape,”  but a garden that reflects the aesthetic, whims, thoughts (and second thoughts) of its sole gardener and caretaker. With few perennials and no attempt to be “naturalistic,” Maria's gardens are mainly clipped boxwood and shrubs with various elements that invite visitors to sit, eat, drink, and enjoy life. The contrast of the two gardens provides an informative yin/yang, demonstrating the wonderful breadth of possibilities inherent in the concept “to garden.”

Dark shingled building with field of flowers.

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