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Seasonal Cards in Dry Brush Watercolor

Dec. 1, 2021 10 a.m. to Dec. 8, 2021 1 p.m.

Berkshire Botanical Garden

This Holiday Card workshop will focus on using dry brush watercolor to replicate the colors and the form of the Season's Flora. We will work with seasonal plants such as poinsettias, ivy, or laurel.  Dry brush is a watercolor painting technique used in traditional botanical illustration. The method involves a "skin" of dried paint on the palette and a small, slightly damp brush. Techniques to be covered: color mixing and layering, working from light to dark, adding fine detail, using a dry brush. We will also create botanical tints for the base layer, which will generate shape by adding a luminous shadow.

Anastasia Traina is a playwright, screenwriter, and visual artist. As a visual artist, she has recently shown at the Carter Burden Gallery in NYC. Her solo art show “Anastasia Traina’s Fairytale Botanical World” graced BBG’s own Leonhardt Galleries in 2018. Other recent exhibitions include the Amuse Gallery in Chatham, NY; “Walk with Us” TSBA Botanical Exhibition; and The Milne Public Library Art Show in Williamstown, MA. Ms. Traina illustrated the children’s book Bitsy and Raff, written by David Caudle, and is currently writing and illustrating a new children’s book, The Curious Tales of Thymble Tarn, along with her newest work, Apple Thornberry, the study of a mixed-species, non-binary creature of the woods sitting in splendor in the natural world. Ms. Traina is a member of SAG, WGA, The Dramatists Guild, American Society of Botanical Artists and the Tri-State Botanical Artists of NYBG. She lives in upstate NY with her husband, her dog, her 7 chickens and her 40,000 bees.

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