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Off-site Field Study Robert Clyde Anderson

Sept. 3, 2021 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Stuyvesant Landing, NY

This off-site field study explores the gardens of designer Robert Clyde Anderson and Kuan Chan, of Stuyvesant NY. The garden is a two-acre remnant of a larger farm, located in the hamlet of Stuyvesant Landing, a quarter-mile from the Hudson River. The core of the house is a typical Hudson Valley farmhouse built in 1869, but with many accretions that have accumulated over generations of various owners. Despite the house being an architectural Frankenstein’s Monster, it has retained many interesting and useful outbuildings and features that enhance its appeal: a vintage barn, summer kitchen, large poultry house, and fenced kitchen garden. A seasonal stream borders the property to the south, and two majestic silver maples grace the deep front lawn. The garden has been in development for ten years. Robert considers it his laboratory for experimentation with various ideas that have percolated over his fifty-plus years as an active gardener. It has grown to include screening shrub borders, a sunny terraced xeric garden, a shady wooded streamside area, a themed annual/tropical planting, a moist meadow area, and a kitchen/propagation garden. Of particular interest is the moist meadow. Designed on the principles of naturalistic gardening and matrix planting, the three sections are slightly different in both underlying conditions and in plant selection, but the intention was to create an area that holds together aesthetically as well as culturally and to reach a climax of interest in late summer and early fall.


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