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Terrariums with the Plant Connector

June 18, 2022 10 a.m. to Noon

Berkshire Botanical Garden

This communal workshop teaches you the basics of terrarium-making as you create your own miniature, symbiotic world inside glass. We'll provide all the fixin’s including 8"  glass vessels, potting soil, moss, and plants to bring your world to life. We’ll also teach you the proper care of your terrarium and tricks to keep it thriving. 

Emilee Yawn is a co-founder of the Plant Connector, a community based plant shop that embraces maker culture, sustainability, and thriving house plants. Prior to The Plant Connector, Emilee worked as a landscape designer for Martha Schwartz Inc. and Interstices Architects, where she designed public landscapes. Her biggest joy is connecting people to plants.

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