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Embedded thumbnail for Ashes to Ashes, and the Tenacity of Life

BBG Trustee, instructor, arborist, and all-around good guy Tom Ingersoll shares a wondrous little "sideshow" during a recent walk.

Embedded thumbnail for In Praise of Wood Chips

BBG Trustee, arborist and educator Tom Ingersoll digs into one of the more nutritional meals your plants could ever know.

Embedded thumbnail for Some Comments on Snow

Berkshire Trustee, arborist and educator Tom Ingersoll takes us on a walk through the fluffy stuff — and gives a quick lesson on nitrogen, soil health and wintering critters.

Embedded thumbnail for An Ode to Oaks

During a recent tree tour at BBG, the arborist and Berkshire Botanical Garden Trustee Tom Ingersoll stopped to pay tribute to the wonders of oaks.

Embedded thumbnail for Meet Verbesina virginica (a.k.a. Frostweed)

White ribbons are gushing at Berkshire Botanical Garden! BBG's Director of Horticulture Eric Ruquist turns our attention to a "magical" extrusion this time of year.

Embedded thumbnail for Thinking Vertically, Acting Locally

At our annual Arborists Day on Nov. 8, held at the Norman Rockwell Museum, BBG Trustee Tom Ingersoll took some time to explain a challenging task: how to care for trees whose lateral branches have grown too big for their britches.

Embedded thumbnail for Meet 'Rutabagascape'

Before Ann Getsinger closes out her extraordinary "Garden of Curiosity" exhibition here on Nov. 19, she shares the story behind one of her favorite paintings.

Embedded thumbnail for Have You Met 'Otherglow'?

Ann Getsinger's "The Garden of Curiosity" closes here at Berkshire Botanical Garden on Nov. 19. The Leonhardt Galleries are open daily through Nov. 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come meet "Otherglow" and others!

Embedded thumbnail for Meet Ann Getsinger's Painting 'Mirrored Beings'

Ann Getsinger, whose works comprise “The Garden of Curiosity” art exhibition at Berkshire Botanical Garden through Nov. 19, explains how this distinctive work of oil on linen came into being.

Embedded thumbnail for Jack-o'-Lanterns: What's the Deal?

Dressed seasonally like a human road cone, Stewart Edelstein — the author of An Alphabetical Romp Through the Flora of Berkshire Botanical Garden, From Agave to Zinnia — explains a gourd-eous tradition.

Embedded thumbnail for Autumn, an Essay

One of our beloved volunteers here at Berkshire Botanical Garden, Stewart Edelstein, shares a new essay he wrote about fall, autumn, the harvest!

Embedded thumbnail for Locusts!

Locusta, languste, lobsters ... say what? Stewart Edelstein, author of "An Alphabetical Romp Through the Flora of Berkshire Botanical Garden: From Agave to Zinnia," goes out on a limb to explain.

Embedded thumbnail for The Garden of Curiosity: Artist Getsinger Explains

"The Garden of Curiosity" creator Ann Getsinger explains the work that has kept her focused for decades. 

Embedded thumbnail for It's Autumn in New England — Harvest Festival Time!

Berkshire Botanical Garden's Harvest Festival returns on Oct. 7-8. Here's to community, the natural world and our agricultural heritage!

Embedded thumbnail for Have You Met 'Vortex and Orb'

Here is one of the stunning works in Ann Getsinger's exhibition, "The Garden of Curiosity," now showing at Berkshire Botanical Garden through Nov. 17.

Embedded thumbnail for Meet 'Sylvanus'

Ann Getsinger tells the story behind her painting "Sylvanus," one of about 50 works in her show "The Garden of Curiosity," showing at Berkshire Botanical Garden through Nov. 19.

Embedded thumbnail for Take a Walk with Us

Frogs! Flowers! And Fall is coming! Here's a Garden close-up from mid-September.

Embedded thumbnail for A Garden Check Up, Early September

Should we worry about those leaves? They are discoloring and falling already. Ron Kujawski stopped in this week to explain what's going on now and why.

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