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Embedded thumbnail for Come Visit — Our Children's Discovery Garden

It's a main attraction for the young and young at heart! Come visit: We're open every day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ("She Makes Me Want to Dance" was written and performed by the BBG Orchestra, a.k.a. Indigo Beige, and is featured in its forthcoming album, "Vermillion.")

Embedded thumbnail for Come Visit — "Microcosms" in Our Leonhardt Galleries

The Leonhardt Galleries are located in the oldest structure on BBG’s property. This 18th century farmhouse was renovated and expanded in 2017 to include a botanical art gallery, reference library, teaching kitchen, and classroom. Don’t miss our stunning living wall in the entrance foyer!

Embedded thumbnail for Green Thumbs and Heartfelt Care: Inside Our Herb Garden

Created in 1937, our Herb Garden is the oldest continuously planted area of the Berkshire Botanical Garden. Since 1957, the Herb Associates have been meeting weekly to grow and harvest herbs, and makes herb-based mustards, dressings, and jellies sold in the Visitor Center.

Embedded thumbnail for The Pond Garden

Come and explore our woodland water garden, which showcases native plants that thrive in moist conditions — and plenty of wildlife, too. Be on the lookout for Common Milkweed; Kousa Dogwood; Redvein Enkianthus; American Waterlily; Linden Viburnum; and Bristol Ruby Weigela.

Embedded thumbnail for Garden Check-Up with Ron Kujawski

Ron didn't want to do this video because he had very little negative news to share about the state of pests and diseases. We have ways of making him talk.

Embedded thumbnail for 2024 Fête des Fleurs

Tickets now available! Come dance under the stars at our annual gala, July 27!

Embedded thumbnail for Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, TICK!

Horticulturist Ron Kujawski gives some deer tick advice and shares a peek at his latest gardening battle wound.

Embedded thumbnail for A Plant Sale Thriller: The Battle for Botanical Bounty!

We're planning for our annual Plant Sale (May 10-11). Pfft ... No big deal.

Embedded thumbnail for Garden Check-Up with Ron Kujawski

What time is it? Pest and disease scouting time, particularly when it comes to the boxwood leafminer.

Embedded thumbnail for "Re-Rooted" in the Leonhardt Galleries

“As our environmental crisis becomes ever more urgent, my art takes its inspiration from the quiet work plants do to survive, adapt and heal our planet," says Ellen Driscoll.

Embedded thumbnail for Dear Gardeners, It's Spring!

Ronald Kujawski, a member of our Horticulture Advisory Committee, stopped by to share some gardening tips in these whacky weather days of late March. What should you be enjoying now? What should you be wary of?

Embedded thumbnail for Mid-March, Signs of Life

Crocus, iris, witch hazel, snowdrops, winter aconite, oh my! It's mid-March. Come stroll with us for early signs of life here at Berkshire Botanical Garden.

Embedded thumbnail for Bluebird House Install!

Bluebirds are universal symbols of hope, love, positivity, and renewal. BBG Trustee Tom Ingersoll returns the favor by building some bluebird boxes.

Embedded thumbnail for Ashes to Ashes, and the Tenacity of Life

BBG Trustee, instructor, arborist, and all-around good guy Tom Ingersoll shares a wondrous little "sideshow" during a recent walk.

Embedded thumbnail for In Praise of Wood Chips

BBG Trustee, arborist and educator Tom Ingersoll digs into one of the more nutritional meals your plants could ever know.

Embedded thumbnail for Some Comments on Snow

Berkshire Trustee, arborist and educator Tom Ingersoll takes us on a walk through the fluffy stuff — and gives a quick lesson on nitrogen, soil health and wintering critters.

Embedded thumbnail for An Ode to Oaks

During a recent tree tour at BBG, the arborist and Berkshire Botanical Garden Trustee Tom Ingersoll stopped to pay tribute to the wonders of oaks.

Embedded thumbnail for Meet Verbesina virginica (a.k.a. Frostweed)

White ribbons are gushing at Berkshire Botanical Garden! BBG's Director of Horticulture Eric Ruquist turns our attention to a "magical" extrusion this time of year.

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