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Ann Getsinger tells the story behind her painting "Sylvanus," one of about 50 works in her show "The Garden of Curiosity," showing at Berkshire Botanical Garden through Nov. 19.

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Frogs! Flowers! And Fall is coming! Here's a Garden close-up from mid-September.

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Should we worry about those leaves? They are discoloring and falling already. Ron Kujawski stopped in this week to explain what's going on now and why.

Embedded thumbnail for Ann Getsinger's "The Garden of Curiosity"

“Creating visual art is the closest I’ve ever come to having my life make any sense at all. It’s both indulgent and essential,” says Ann Getsinger, whose art exhibition, “The Garden of Curiosity,” runs from Sept. 1 through Nov. 19.

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Have you seen them yet this year? Stewart Edelstein, author of "An Alphabetical Romp Through the Flora of Berkshire Botanical Garden: From Agave to Zinnia," shares his essay on these prized plants.

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Symbiosis all around. Come along as we follow the mid-summer buzz. (Music composed and performed by the BBG Orchestra.) 

Embedded thumbnail for Floraborealis — Another Closer Look

What's this painting all about? Cynthia Wick explains. Come see her exhibition, "Floraborealis," in our Leonhardt Galleries through Aug. 27. Open seven days a week, 9 to 5 p.m. (And Cynthia is in the galleries Fridays through Sundays!)

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Cynthia Wick takes us on a deep dive into her painting "Queechy," one of the startlingly beautiful works in her show, "Floraborealis," here in our Leonhardt Galleries. (Intro and outdo music by Indigo Beige.)

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It's daisy-like. It's a powerhouse plant. Our Manager of Membership & Development Operations Mariah Baca explains how to identify and harvest chamomile — and what to do with it.

Embedded thumbnail for Meet Papaver Triniifolium

Director of Horticulture Eric Ruquist introduces us to Papaver triniifolium (Armenian Poppy). He grew it from seed. It's blooming now in front of our Visitor's Center!

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Berkshire Botanical Garden's Director of Horticulture Eric Ruquist introduces us to a favorite peony of his, Paeonia obovata, which provides a colorful show twice a year.

Embedded thumbnail for A Garden Check-Up, Mid-June 2023

Ron Kujawski revisits the affects from the hard frost last month and gives an update on spongy moth caterpillars. Also, he finds some woolly beech aphid. Should we worry?

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They are gorgeous. They are useful. Just ask the ancient Greeks — and Stewart Edelstein of Stockbridge.

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That frost wasn't good. Bad, bad frost! Ronald Kujawski, a member of our Horticulture Advisory Committee, stopped by the Garden this week to check out the damage and to look at the bigger picture.

Embedded thumbnail for Alchemy and Innocents

Anastasia Traina explains the inspiration behind her exhibition at Berkshire Botanical Garden's Leonhardt Galleries. The show runs from May 5 through June 25.

Embedded thumbnail for Boom, Bloom, Boom

The latest original song from our beloved BBG Orchestra (aka Indigo Beige), is an ode to springtime. Enjoy!

Embedded thumbnail for What's Going on Here?

Lots! We'll have a new camp building, amphitheater, expanded woodland garden, and more. In preparation for our opening for the season, BBG's Board Chairman Matt Larkin explains the highlights.

Embedded thumbnail for Garden Check-Up: What's the Spongy Moth Outlook?

During his visit on April 19, horticultural consultant, author and educator Ron Kujawski, who does frequent check-ups here at Berkshire Botanical Garden, shares some reasons for concern.

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